Auto-Align Post: One device activation (iLok USB key or disk authorization)

Radical Bundle, Auto-Align, SurferEQ, Pi, Drum Leveler, POWAIR and 32 Lives: Up to 2 devices (iLok USB keys or disk authorizations).

All license management is being done by iLok License Manager.

For non-iLok based activation (Legacy / Older Products Only):

You can authorize up to 2 machines with your personal license. Authorizing the same machine multiple times, even if the operating system was changed, doesn't decrease your authorization count.

When it's time to upgrade your machine or move its license, please uninstall your plug-ins to de-authorize your machine and move the license back to your account. If you require to authorize more than 2 machines, you may purchase an additional license for a total of 4 machine authorizations.

Here's how to deauthorize a machine:

macOS: Run the latest installer, click on the Uninstall tab, then click Uninstall / Deauthorize and Quit the installer when it's done.

Windows OS: Open the Programs - Control Panel, locate and select your plug-in, click Uninstall and you're done.

Important: Simply moving the plug-in to the trash won't deauthorize your machine and therefore won't recover your license back to your account.