Thank you for having SurferEQ Boogie!


 I didn't receive any e-mail with my code.


Simply go to our website, log-in and go to the Users Area

Your code should be shown under MY DOWNLOADS - SurferEQ 2 Boogie - Your serial key.

For e-mail make sure you're using the exact e-mail you've used to sign to

* You might also wanna check your spam as we do send e-mail with a code.


I can't input my code!!


If the authorize window won't allow keyboard input try the following:

- Enter you serial key and e-mail to notepad/TextEdit as plain text.

- Copy the e-mail, and in the authorize dialog right-click and click Paste.

- Do the same for the key.

- Click on (Let's Boogie):

You're authorized! Surf on!

I'm getting this 'Serial key should consist of 8 characters' message.

If you've copy/pasted your serial key and you're using Pro Tools, some versions of Pro Tools will paste it double. To solve this:

  • paste the text using the context menu (mouse right-click -> Paste).
  • paste the text using the Pro Tools menu bar: Edit -> Paste.