For Legacy / Older, non iLok products:

Once all three provided machine authorizations have been used, a de-authorization of a previously activated machine is required before a new machine can be activated.

To deauthorize a machine and regain its activation back to your account:

  1. Log-in to your User Area and download the latest installer of your plug-in
  2. Disable any Firewall applications, Anti-Virus or gate keeper applications that may block the installer from communicating with the authorization server and make sure your internet connection is working properly
  3. On Mac OS X: Run the installer, click on the Uninstall tab, then click Uninstall / Deauthorize.
  4. On Windows: Open the Programs Control Panel, locate your plug-in installation and click Remove.

After completing the Uninstall on your old or unused machine, simply run the installer on your new machine to activate it.

For iLok authorizations you should use iLok License Manager to deauthorize license back to your iLok account.

This is done by:

  1. Click on your local machine on the left of the License Manager.
  2. On the center area where authorisations are listed, right click on the appropriate authorization.
  3. Click 'Deauthorize'.