Novation's Automap allows improved control from Novation's hardware and software solutions.

For AudioUnits,

It uses AUAutomapClient which wraps the original plug-in with "Plug-In Name (Automap)".

Unfortunately as of version 4.9 it fails to handle separate plug-in files (eg. 32bit and 64bit versions in separated files).

Resurrected plug-in won't always wrap with Automap.

In-order to have all plug-ins working do the following:
1. Make sure Automap Server is closed!

2. Once closed, open 32 Lives, select all plug-ins (Cmd+A) and click the Unwrap button.

3. Enter your user password to allow unwrapping. if done correctly you should see "32-bit only" instead of "Resurrected" in the plug-in Status column.

4. Open AutomapServer within Applications folder or Launchpad.

5. Click the "Software Setup..." within the Automap icon.

6. Click on the Audio Units item in-order to wrap Audio Unit(s) with Automap. (as you'd normally do for Automap)

7. Once enabled you can close the Automap window and launch 32 Lives.

8. Under 32 Lives, select the desired plug-ins (or select all using Cmd+A).

* Make sure the plug-in named "AUAutomapClient" is also resurrected as this is the Automap client...

9. Open your 64 bit host. you should now see your 32 bit resurrected plug-ins and 64 bit plug-ins.